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Magento 2 gitignore - A File to Untrack Git Repositories

Git repository helps developers track all happenings within the modules and files that contain thousands of lines of code (LOC), so all the developers are on the same page. Magento 2 gitignore structure gives relief to the developers for the files that need to be untracked by Git. To learn more Magento gitignore file visit this blog.

Magento 2 Gift Card Experience by BSSCommerce

Magento gift card is perfect for impersonal gift-giving, especially when the givers don’t want to experience the awkward moment, “I thought you’d love it.” The traditional Magento gift card lacks the thrill, the excitement, the thoughtfulness, and the appreciation between two parties. BSSCommerce Magento 2 Gift Card extension lets customers send gift cards with various templates. This extension has a responsive design and easy to manage.